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Third quarter of 2014 - Slight improvement

Positive business evolution - Negative currency effects eased

Paris, 22 October 2014 – During the third quarter of 2014, Ipsos recorded 412.7 million euros in revenue, down 1.4% compared with the same period last year. Currency effects were (only) negative by 1%, much less than during the first half of the year at 5.1%. Changes in the scope of consolidation amounted to - 0.8%. Ipsos recorded a resumption of slight organic growth during the third quarter of 0.2%, as opposed to the 1.1% contraction published for the second quarter of 2014.

In the third quarter, business moved in the same direction as over the first nine months of the year, but to different extents. Revenue for Ipsos fell 4.4% to 1,168.7 million euros, under the effects of unfavourable currency movements, which negatively impacted revenue by 3.6%, and changes in the scope of consolidation by 0.9%. Over this same period, growth at constant scope and exchange rates was 0.1%.
All of these factors confirm the information communicated in July. In 2014, Ipsos will record stable or slightly increased performance at constant scope and exchange rates, and its operating margin will be equivalent to that of 2013. 
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