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Triangulation als Forschungsstrategie

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Frieß, Ipsos UU
in planung & analyse, 6/2011

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Marketingentscheidungen werden in einer sich immer schneller wandelnden Zeit immer risikoreicher. Um diese Risiken zu minimieren, ist es unerlässlich, die Daten der Marktforschung in Punkto Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit stetig zu verbessern. Im Kern betrifft diese Anforderung vor allem die Fähigkeit, die richtigen Daten zuverlässig zu erheben und optimal auszuwerten. Um Unsicherheiten und Risiken beim Kunden zu reduzieren hat Ipsos…

Know and Grow Your Share: The Wallet Allocation Rule

Timothy Keiningham, Ipsos Loyalty
in Ipsos Point of View, 11/2011

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The investment companies put into understanding, creating, driving and improving loyalty is enormous. But loyalty can be a fickle thing. While measures and metrics such as satisfaction or Net Promoter Scores can provide a snapshot of what consumers think, it turns out that they don’t predict the core loyalty metric that everyone needs to know to grow their business – share of wallet.

An investigation of the cross-national determinants of customer satisfaction

Forrest V. Morgeson III, Sunil Mithas, Timothy L. Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy
in Journal of Service Management, 02/2011

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Many multinational corporations have implemented cross-national satisfaction measurement programs for tracking and benchmarking the satisfaction of their customers across their various markets. These companies measure satisfaction with the goal of maximizing customer loyalty and the financial benefits associated with loyalty. However, existing research comparing consumer satisfaction across nations is limited, with the few existing…

Komplexität meistern – erfolgreiches Marketing durch Triangulation

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Frieß, Ipsos UU und Martin Hellich, Ipsos Loyalty
in mediaspectrum, 10/2011

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Triangulation bedeutet, dass ein Problem systematisch aus mehreren Perspektiven heraus betrachtet und analysiert wird. Ipsos wendet dieses Verfahren unter anderem in der Absatz- und Preisforschung an. Daraus können Empfehlungen für eine optimale Preispositionierung und eine gezielte Steuerung von Kunden im Kaufentscheidungsprozess abgeleitet werden.

Customer Loyalty isn’t enough. Grow your share of wallet.

Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, Alexander Buoye, and Bruce Cooil
in Havard Business Review, 10/2011

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Companies spend a great deal of time and money trying to improve customer loyalty by measuring and managing metrics like satisfaction and Net promoter scores. But traditional gauges of loyalty correlate poorly with what matters most: share of wallet. This is the percentage of a customer's spending within a category that's captured by a given brand, or store or firm. Customers may be very satisfied with your brand and happily recommend…

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Shopper-centricity is a familiar term and one that has been around for some time, but it has never been more relevant than it is right now. Shoppers have become more demanding, selective, and sophisticated. The game has changed – and yet many retailers and manufacturers still play by the old rules, missing valuable opportunities to collaborate through shared insights and strategies.

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