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Understanding Programmatic Digital Ad Buying

Ken Mallon, Ipsos ASI|digital, in Ipsos Point of View, 03/2013

Digital advertising is still somewhat of a new phenomenon and its use, measurement and performance can still stir uneasy feelings among many advertisers and marketers. When you consider that television took off in the 1950s, radio in the 1920s and before that, we had billboards, print advertising, posters, town criers and even ancient papyrus scrolls – digital is truly an infant among elders. We know the others very, very well. We grew up with all of them and we’ve studied them for years. The world of digital advertising, however, is quite new and it is a world that that is growing and changing very quickly. As such, it creates some apprehension. But its time to set those fears aside, because digital advertising is becoming much more pertinent and much more relevant in the daily lives of your consumers. And there’s a lot we are learning about it and from it!



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