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Delivering Branding Value Through High Impact

Ipsos ASI and Undertone, in Undertone, 01/2014

HIGH IMPACT ADS*, with their large real estate and engaging features, are well known for driving higher consumer response rates. Previous research by the IAB, as well as industry and Undertone benchmarks, have shown that high impact formats drive engagement and clickthrough rates significantly greater than those of standard display ads. However, to date the branding value of high impact ads has only been assessed in a limited fashion. This combined research study with Undertone and Ipsos ASI intends to quantify the effectiveness of high impact display advertising on key branding metrics and consumer engagement with brands beyond the initial ad experience. The results of this study identify how brand marketers can align their marketing objectives to the appropriate creative canvas and the effect on consumer actions that marketers can expect from high impact formats.

*High Impact Digital Advertising can be defined as large-canvas formats that account for significant Real Estate on the webpage, such as full-screen takeovers, skins, and other custom units; they also often contain interactive elements.

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