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Improving vertical B2B relationships in the market research industry

Nikolai Reynolds and Sonja Giesemann, Ipsos InnoQuest, in Ipsos Whitepaper, 08/2015

Sustainable (i.e. good and stable) supply chain relationships provide competitive advantages for all partners. They are crucial for sustainable growth. Unlike many industries, market research has yet to explore vertical B2B-relationships for sustainable development. We propose a model of properties and influencing factors that provide evaluation criteria and operational conduct to foster sustainable relationships. This paper provides a hands-on perspective on the abstract concept of sustainability for the market research industry.

Defining Sustainable B2B Relationships
Businesses can benefit from working together as it allows for greater advantages than operating independently [2]. These collaborative advantages may consist of more market power, higher chances in receiving business, cost and timing re-
ductions, knowledge exchange and gain as well as advantages in developing and providing services and solutions [4].