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Device Agnostic - Why you need to transform now

Frederique Alexandre, Cecile Carre, Allyson Leavy, Jim Leonick, Ipsos Marketing, in Ipsos Views, 11/2016

Device agnostic is no longer the future of online research. It’s happening now. Marketers must adapt quickly or risk losing touch with their consumers.

Over half of the global population is now using a smartphone and that is predicted to rise to over 70% by 2021. At the same time, fixed broadband Internet subscriptions are flatlining. As a result, we will see online research being replaced by mobile research as the face of digital changes:

  • From 2015 to 2021 smartphone subscriptions will increase by 3 billion – and mobile Internet will reach 8 billion users
  • During the same period, the Middle East and Africa will see 4x growth in mobile broadband subscriptions
  • In emerging territories, including Asia, PC/mobile convergence has already been achieved - meaning that consumers have now switched to a mobile first method of connecting to the Internet

As a result, researchers need to be mobile first too. This means we have to be device agnostic – but what exactly does this mean?