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Research and Results 2015

Der Vortrag findet zur Statistischen Woche statt, die von der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft (DStatG), der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Demographie (DGD) sowie dem Verband Deutscher Städtestatistiker (VDSt) organisiert wird. Die Konferenzreihe ist bekannt für recht interessante Vorträge, z.B. von Eurostat oder der EZB. Nach 2013 steuert Ipsos bereits zum wiederholten Male eine Präsentation zu der Konferenz bei.

Referenten: Christian Hoops und Tobias Michael, Ipsos Public Affairs

Ort: Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg

Innovative weight loss approaches to overcome health risks associated with obesity. The 3-day program in Frankfurt.

The program includes a variety of panels like symposia, oral abstract sessions, meet the expert sessions, interest group discussions, guided audio poster tours, and poster presentations, designed to feature timely and significant recent advances and practical aspect in basic science and the prevention, diagnosis and weight loss treatment.


Euro Global Summit & Medicare Expo on Weight Loss

WSO Workshop 2015: All you need to know about Stevia

Mr Nikolai Reynolds, Head of Ipsos InnoQuest, Germany will present an update of Stevia as an Innovation in the Food and Beverage Sector in 2015, during Stevia Tasteful World Convention 2015, held in June 11-12 in Berlin-Germany

"First, Stevia will be examined from different perspectives across the supply chain from farm to fork. Then, its introduction to different markets will be discussed along with its acceptance by consumers.
The aim will be to depict a holistic view on challenges and opportunities of Stevia innovations in 2015." 

Der Vortrag findet zur Tagung der Methodensektion der DVPW (Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft) statt. Ich nehme nun zum dritten Mal in Folge als Referent bei der Konferenzreihe teil. Ausrichter ist dieses Mal das Arbeitsgebiet „Angewandte Statistik“ der Universität Kassel.

Referenten: Prof. Wolfgang Donsbach, Christian Hoops und Tobias Michael, Ipsos Public Affairs.
Ort: Im Senatssaal der Universität Kassel


The digitalization massively changed the way we use media, content and devices. As consumers we are able to use, interact with and share digital content via various new devices every time and everywhere. Research can utilize these devices and modern lifestyle of “always on” to get closer to consumers. We used this trend to gather representative data about the current media and screen usage in German TV-households. Main research objective was to define the role of TV in our multiscreen world.

GOR 2015: Media Diary Reloaded - Deep Dive into Multiscreen Behavior

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