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Tags: Ipsos InnoQuest | Innovationsforschung
Unsere Welt und unsere Konsumenten verändern sich - und das immer schneller. Auch die Innovationszyklen werden immer kürzer. Gute Ideen können zwar auch heute nicht über Nacht auf den Markt gebracht werden, aber jetzt können sie mit InnoQuest*Ideas Overnight in weniger als 24 Stunden getestet werden.…

Tags: Ipsos InnoQuest | Innovationsforschung
in Berlin am 19. und 20. Juni.2014Speaker: Dr. Nikolai Reynolds, Ipsos InnoQuestOverview about Stevia as an Innovation in the Food and Beverage Sector More Information

Tags: Ipsos InnoQuest | Innovationsforschung
(139th EAAE Seminar) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food NetworksInnsbruck-Igls, Austria

While mobile payment solutions are not expensive, there are several barriers to adoption that differ by maturity of market. This paper offers five lessons learned for launching emerging category products that financial services marketers can apply to their innovation process today:

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This document details an analysis of 22 product tests in which two products have been evaluated by consumers in each study. The objective of the study was to understand if the adoption of sequential designs improves data sensitivity and discrimination in comparison to a monadic design. It also examines…

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•This document is designed to give you an overview of France, its people and some of the key issues and trends Ipsos is observing •The core source of information is Ipsos own research and understanding of this country‘s culture. •Following a brief introduction of some background information on France,…

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