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The influence of organizational climate on sustainable relationships between organization and employees.This study considers factors influencing relationships on an employee and employer level (micro-level) as well as the effectiveness and performance of the organization as a whole (macro-level). The…

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A new CPG product will be one of 12 Archetypes – knowing what type of an innovation you have will help you determine its destiny.

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The short answer is “yes.” Consumer packaged goods companies are finding that historical concept testing databases, which are managed by suppliers and include years of concept testing results from different clients, can often be misleading.

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From "Rigorously follow an innovation process" to "Forecast market potential along the way" - don't miss our 10 secrets to success.

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Compared to other sectors, the consumer packaged goods sector (notably, food and beverages, personal products and household products) rates among the lowest in terms of consumer perceptions of innovativeness. Within the consumer packaged goods sector, household and personal products are viewed to be…

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Consumer-led innovation represents the next evolution in consumer packaged goods (CPG) product development. By increasing the voice of the consumer in your new product development (NPD) process, you can develop better innovations with a greater chance of success in the marketplace. Also, there is a greater…

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