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Censydiam: people centric with results linked to business outcome! Referenten: Hans Raemdonck, Ipsos Inga Havemann, Ipsos Sue Phillips, Censydiam Institute Weitere Informationen

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Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Aldi und Ebay sind hierzulande die einflussreichsten Marken – jede auf ihre eigene Art. Allen gemeinsam ist jedoch, dass sie ihre Konsumenten permanent im Blick haben und sich kontinuierlich weiter entwickeln.

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Chinese consumers are expected to play an increasingly important role in the development of the economy as China rebalances from an export driven to a domestic consumption driven model.

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Traditional economic theory posits that people are rational and seek to maximize benefits when making choices.

Major automotive manufacturers have traditionally focused on developing high quality sophisticated vehicles for developed markets, which are reaching saturation point. More recently, demand has increased in developed markets for so-called “eco cars” such as hi-tech hybrids and electric vehicles (EV).…

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